Sunday, October 26, 2014

Learn How to Earn Money with your Music on YouTube with TuneCore's YouTube Money

TuneCore has a new opportunity for artists to make money with their music royalties and YouTube.
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Each time your music or music videos are played on YouTube, if YouTube places ads on your video or where you music is played you can earn a percentage of the money or revenue for the ad. It's easy to do and can be set up through TuneCore and allow them to collect the money for you and pay you once it has been collected. TuneCore carefully identifies and collects money from your sound recordings generated through YouTube and deposits them into your TuneCore account. You can choose which music track you wish to monetize and set your channel preferences to earn money on them. Once this is done you can just get back to creating more music.  There is a one time fee for set up of $25 and from there on out you keep 80% of all revenue collected through the TuneCore process.   Here is how to get started earning money through TuneCore and YouTube today..

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hip Hop Artists and Distributing Music Through TuneCore

"This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own." Several of today's popular hip hop artist use TuneCore as their choice to distribute their music worldwide. TuneCore allows you to keep 100% of your revenue and provides an easy way to distribute your music and grow your fan base. Join the community and learn more by clicking on the above graphic.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to Create an Instagram Photo Book

Turn Your Instagram Photos into Your New Favorite Book with Blurb
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If you are a rabid Instagrammer, and wistfully browsing through your Instagram profile to take in all those beautiful shots isn't cutting it anymore, why not take your talent to the next level and make a real commitment to your photography? With Blurb, you can take all of your Instagram shots and turn them in to a high quality printed book in just minutes. There is no hassle of sorting and editing, no endless hours wasted formatting for specific page requirements… just pick what you like and make it real. Watch this Blurb video to see how you can turn your feed into a seriously brag-worthy book. It’s incredibly easy and even a little bit fun. (You can even publish your Facebook photos (with comments) into a book!)

Ready to start publishing? Save 20% on photo books with code OCT20%, which is great news if you're thinking ahead to the holidays and making a gift to send. Special offer for new customers only—save 25% on photo books with code OCT25%… even better for those of you who are new to Blurb books. Just don't wait because these deals end October 31st.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Set up Pre-order for your Music on iTunes and See how Your fans will Benefit

Single Distribution now only $9.99/year!
This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.

What are the benefits of a pre-order on iTunes? As an artist there are several to consider when placing your songs on the popular music site. TuneCore iTunes Pre-Order allows you to do that when set up pre-order on the website.

With the advance sale on iTunes of an album, song or EP fans will be able to get a sneak peak at your music before it goes on sale. This offers many advantages to an artist including driving purchases to your songs, selling at a lower price, and driving up chart sales.

TuneCore iTune Pre-Order options provide many wonderful benefits as outlined in their blog post which you can read here.

Allow your fans to automatically download the album on the release date and provide them with updated information to when and what your album is about with advanced marketing, emails and social media releases.

Learn more about how to get your music heard, sell your musci on iTunes with TuneCore and become a top selling artist through all the many great services TuneCore has to offer.

Get started today with TuneCore iTunes Pre-Order.

FAST: Get Played on iTunes, Spotify & 80+ stores.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Create your iPhone 6 case in time for the September release date of new iPhone

Pre-Order Your iPhone 6 Case on Zazzle

Apple has confirmed that their next press conference is on September 9, 2014 to announce the arrival of the new iPhone 6. The new model is expected to have lot of new thinner look and a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch screen on at least one model.

At that time they may also be introducing an iWatch which is a wearable device that would possibly run on iOS. With the anticipation of the new phone it’s time to pre-order your accessories such as a personalized iPhone 6 case.

You can easily celebrate the arrival of the new iPhone by designing a case to fit your new phone in order for the arrival date. You can personalize a cool or cute cover, add to an existing design or create one that reflects your style from scratch.

Click here to start creating your new iPhone case in time for the release of the iPhone 6. A case is a great purchase in order to protect your new phone and make a personal statement with your own unique design. It’s easy to do with the step-by-step instructions.

When personalizing a phone case and be sure to follow the instructions on the website and allow time for shipping. For pre-orders the manufacturer will begin shipping your phone case as soon as they are ready to begin production.

Check out the many designs available for your new iPhone 6 case or learn how to design one yourself before the big announcement on September 9th.

In the meantime check out the no contract phones, unlocked phones and cell phone accessories available for new and existing phones.
Create Your Own IPhone Covers with Your PHOTO Cover For Iphone 5c

Watercolor Paintbox Iphone 5 Case

Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Create a Photo Book for Friends, Family, Weddings, Vacations Baby and More!

Lots of people enjoy scrapbooking and organizing their photos online and in books but one of the best ways to share your vacation photos, baby photos, wedding photos, holiday photos and give gifts to others is to have a book printed for them.  A printed book is easy to create online, inexpensive and eliminates the process of printing the photos and placing them in the book.  Plus a printed book takes up less space in your closet than a scrapbook or photo album would do. 
I have created beautiful picture books for friends and family including birthday picture books, family picture books and baby photos.  These books are wonderful items and the receiver are typically overjoyed to receive them as they never get the time to print photos and love having these memories in print. I believe this is one of the best, most creative gifts you can give someone who enjoys taking and sharing photos.
There are several places online that will print photos books for you.  I have listed a few that are some of the best quality, prices and most reliable.
Make a DIY Wedding Guest Photo Book
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Your wedding is a big deal. You put a lot into it. But when it’s over, the whole thing is a blur. Who was there? What did they do? That’s where the books come in. The photo guest book is a place to record who was there, and their best wishes for you. Blurb BookWright lets your design genius (or the design genius of your wedding photographer) run free. Get started now and get 25% off Print Books (up to $25 off your order)
You customize your photobook-page by page. Shutterfly Photo Books 300x250
Personalized photo books and special promotions at Mixbook - Easy to create

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Free and Quick Proofreading Checker for Writers and Students

Grammarly Logo Whether you are going back to school or beginning your writing career, all of us need assistance when writing books, term papers, articles, blogs and more.  That is where the free grammar, punctuation, spelling, and plagiarism tool comes in. When you need a good proofreader Grammarly is your best bet for the World's best Proofreading checker.
Grammarly is an automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach.
Correct up to 10 times more mistakes than popular word processors.  It's compatible with Word and Outlook. Improve word choice with context-optimized vocabulary suggestions
Best Plagiarism Checker and Proofreader
Instantly find mistakes in your writing and correct them with the online program.  You can find over 250 different types of grammatical mistakes. You can view a demo to see how to do this for yourself or try it for free now!

Instant Grammar Checker Free and Quick Proofreading


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