Thursday, June 26, 2014

How TuneCore Composer Brian Crain Unlocks Worldwide Songwriter Royalties

Brian Crain Songwriter Royalties
"This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own."
Composer Brian Crain, whose compositions have been used in feature films, discusses how TuneCore found him songwriter royalties he wasn't aware of.
TuneCore helps songwriters in their community collect and generate royalties from all over the world. This means more income to songwriters and the ability to create a significant income from songs they have written.  Recently composer Brian Crain talked about how TuneCore Music Publishing was able to get the songwriter royalties he didn't even know he had, and how he sees songwriting evolving in the music industry for the future. Read his interview and found out how he discovered how the songwriting industry has made money for him and TuneCore has helped him make more money.
Tunecore Provides hope to musicians and artists in the industry by supporting them with the tools they need.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Free eBooks to Publish and Sell Your Book

No matter if you are just getting started writing and publishing your book or have been writing for years there are several great and free books to download through Amazon to help improve your writing techniques, sell your book and make money publishing online.  Plus these eBooks can be download on any device from computers to smart phones and tablets.  
Books like the one above that is currently free to download on Amazon provides advice on how to write, edit and self-publish your first eBook. 
If you want to improve your writing skills check out this free book download.

Learn how to optimize your book sales with this free book download
To view more writing and self-publishing free books to download on Amazon follow this link to download all the free books you want to learn ho to get started or improve on your writing career.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reasons Songwriters Should Choose TuneCore When Publishing Music

Why you should publish your music and songs with TuneCore
Publishing music online is simple and effective through TuneCore. In this TuneCore blog post several reasons are highlighted to show how TuneCore takes care of its musicians and fights to collect their earnings.
From collecting your song royalties from all other the world so that you receive every penny you have earned to providing the proof that you own the song and deserve to be paid your royalties TuneCore is there every step of the way. TuneCore is a way that songwriters and musicians can maximize their earning from music. 
In addition artists can make more money with their YouTube royalties every time someone listens to your song on your YouTube channel. With TuneCore experience and commitment to songwriters you can easily start focusing on your music and writing more instead of finding out who is listening to your songs and how you can make money from them.  Begin your music career now don't wait to take advantage of this professional and lifetime opportunity!
If you want to learn more or find out how to begin to earn money from your songs read the blog here called

10 Reasons to Choose TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own

Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to Save on Print Purchases and Make a Beautiful Book

Impressions of Keyhani
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Mostafa Keyhani is an extraordinary painter. Drawing from the Impressionist tradition, his work is alive with color and texture as he uses thin washes, areas of bare canvas, and thick impasto to impart an expression of organic life. While his paintings fetch high prices in galleries across the United States and Canada, his self-published books give each of his fans a chance to own his art. Keyhani is a Canadian resident born in Iran, and has had a journey as fantastic as his art. In this video, Blurb captures a glimpse at Keyhani's remarkable creative process. Perhaps it will inspire you to make your own book with Blurb.

Now through June 23rd, Blurb is offering 25% off first purchases made by new customers.
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Save 15% on all Returning Orders of $50 or More
Now through June 23rd, Blurb is also offering 15% off of all returning orders $50 or more.
Link: 15% off on $50+
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Free Kindle Download How to Start a YouTube Channel for Fun & Profit!

Writers and Entrepreneurs can take advantage of creating their own YouTube channel to add additional income to their growing business.  An author can create helpful videos or useful tidbits about their books, provide giveaways or get creative with videos.  This book is a free download on Amazon for a limited time and you don't need a Kindle you can download it on any device!
This easy-to-read e-booklet is jam-packed with all of the information you need to start your own YouTube channel AND make money from it! In "How To Start A YouTube Channel For Fun & Profit!", author Ann Eckhart (of the blog walks you through the steps to start your own successful YouTube channel. Eckhart covers everything from applying for an AdSense account and setting up your filming location to marketing strategies and engaging your audience. She even shares her entire process for recording, editing, and uploading her own videos. With a camera and computer, you can begin the process of starting your own YouTube channel for both fun AND profit!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to Sell Your Blurb Books on Amazon

Blurb has always been a great way for people to make books about the things that interest them. And while it’s always been possible to sell your books via Blurb’s website, you can now sell the books you make on! Imagine, your work on the world’s biggest marketplace!

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Donna Boyer, Blurb’s Chief Product Officer, on how the whole thing works:

What’s the most exciting thing about authors being able to sell their books through
Setting up Blurb books to be available on couldn’t be easier. Once authors have uploaded their book to their Blurb account, they simply go to their Book Details page to select "Amazon" under the "Sell my book" options. That’s it. Once authors provide their info to get paid, Blurb handles the rest.
What can authors expect when listing on
Once an author submits their book, it will be available for sale on within about seven days. Authors should plan to market their book to their network in order to drive reviews and sales rankings on Amazon, which can then lead to organic sales from new readers. It’s important for authors to remember that Amazon adds a fee for selling through, so the list price will need to be higher in order to make the same profit as a book sold directly via the Blurb platform.

Selling through is quite the game changer—can authors list their books on if they’ve already published them through Blurb?
Absolutely. Any existing photo paper book is eligible for distribution on Amazon.

What are the biggest reason Blurb authors will want to take advantage of distribution?
A big benefit of Amazon is that it gives authors a new opportunity to expand their audience beyond their current network.

Check out the full interview and learn more about selling your Blurb published book. As part of the new Blurb to Amazon program, Blurb is offering a great deal. Save 15% through May 15th when you use the code MAY15.

Participate in the Blurb to Amazon program, and reach a wider audience, gain recognition and watch your sales grow. All with the click of a button. 


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